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The Soviet Tragedy

The Soviet Tragedy is an essential coda to the literature of Soviet studies...Insofar as he] returns the power of ideology to its central place in Soviet history, Malia has made an enormous contr...

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Le marxisme sovietique

Franse vertaling van : 'Soviet Marxism'

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Survey, a Journal of East & West studies, March 1988

Special waarin o.a. wordt afgerekend met het werk van Deutscher, E.H. Carr.

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De rode belofte

Het klinkt misschien vreemd, maar de grauwe, onderdrukkende USSR was gegrondvest op een sprookje. Zij stoelde op een vorm van twintigste-eeuwse magie: de planeconomie. Die zou leiden tot een golf v...

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Would Trotsky wear a bluetooth?

After visiting Russia in 1921, the journalist Lincoln Steffens famously declared, "I have seen the future, and it works." Steffens referred to the social experiment of technological utopianism he f...

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Motherland in danger

Berkhoff addresses one of the most neglected questions facing historians of the Second World War: how did the Soviet leadership sell the campaign against the Germans to people on the home front? Mo...

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Freud and the bolsheviks

This book is the first comprehensive history of psychoanalysis in Russia from the last years of the tsars to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Using rare Russian sources and newly opened So...

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The New Third Rome

This in-depth analysis discloses the sources, contents, and implications of post-Soviet Russian messianism. Since its rediscovery 150 years ago, writers ranging from Western critics of Moscow's for...

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