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Socialist Europe and Revolutionary Russia

Socialist Europe and Revolutionary Russia: Perception and Prejudice 1848-1923 analyses perceptions and images of Russia held by European socialists in the period between the revolutions of 1848 and...

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Tussen Rusland en Europa

Ruslands doorbraak naar de twintigste eeuw ging gepaard met een mislukte volksopstand in 19O5, halfslachtige constitutionele hervormingen, indrukwekkende economische groei, snelle verstedelijking, ...

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The women's liberation movement in Russia

`"This book by Richard Stites stands out as the most comprehensive analytical study of Russian women in the century from Nicholas I to Stalin. Written with verve and wit, with enormous erudition an...

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The liberation movement in Russia 1900 - 1905

Historians of the Russian Revolution naturally tend to concentrate their attention upon the Bolshevik 'victors' and on the Mensheyiks - ideologically the closest of their rivals, - and to neglect o...

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The Making of Three Russian Revolutionaries

This book presents the life histories, drawn from a series of interviews conducted in the 1960s, of three prominent survivors of the Menshevik party: Lydia Dan, Boris Nicolaevsky, and George Denike...

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“The passion for destruction is a creative passion,” wrote the anarchist Mikhail Bakunin in 1842. Since then, the popular image of anarchism has been one of violence and terror. But this pictur...

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Roots of Revolution

In 1972, Venturi wrote a comprehensive survey of the latest Russian and Western studies on the subject which is reproduced in full here. As Isaiah Berlin remarks in his Introduction, 'Professor Ven...

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The house in the garden

"In The House in the Garden, John Randolph shows that intellectual history and biography are completely interwoven. In a straightforward, graceful, unpretentious style, Randolph argues that int...

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The father of Communist Russia, Vladimir Ilych Lenin now seems to have emerged fully formed in the turbulent wake ofWorldWar I and the Russian Revolution. But Lenin’s character was in fact forged...

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Doubt, Atheism, and the Nineteenth-century Russian Intelligentsia

The autocratic rule of both tsar and church in imperial Russia gave rise not only to a revolutionary movement in the nineteenth century but also to a crisis of meaning among members of the intellig...

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