Lost and found in russia

Susan Richards (Author)

Over dit boek

  • Type: Book: Non-fiction
  • Subtitel: Encounters in the deep heartland. susan richards
  • Uitgever: I.B. Tauris
  • Land: United Kingdom
  • Plaats: London
  • ISBN: 9781848857834
  • Taal: English
  • Pagina's: 320
  • Locatie: 6.5.6 - 6.6.7

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Far from Moscow and St Petersburg, there lies another Russia. Overlooked by the new urban elites and almost unknown to the West, in the great provincial hinterlands of the Volga River and Siberia, Russians struggle to reconcile their old traditions with a new and unfamiliar world. Returning again and again, for over a decade, to the deep heartland of this rapidly-evolving country, Susan Richards has encountered extraordinary people and forged lasting friendships. Through their unforgettable stories and her own experiences she reveals how in Russia the past and the present cannot be separated. Illuminating a forgotten people and sweeping away traditional assumptions, "Lost and Found in Russia" is a compelling and essential portrait - poignant, yet full of hope for a new future.