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  • Type: Book: Non-fiction
  • Subtitel: Heretic in the Kremlin
  • Uitgever: Time Warner Paperbacks
  • Land: United Kingdom
  • Plaats: London
  • ISBN: 0708849407
  • Taal: English
  • Pagina's: 500
  • Locatie: 6.5.1 - 6.5.5

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Doder and Branson, Moscow correspondents for the Washington Post and London Times , respectively, examine the political battles Gorbachev has had to fight since assuming power in 1985. This work is a sequel of sorts to Doder's Shadows and Whispers ( LJ 1/15/87), and continues the authoritative and revealing insights into Kremlin politics. It also explores the evolution of Gorbachev as a political visionary and describes the resistance Gorbachev's plans have received from both ends of the political spectrum. The authors skillfully bring to life the Soviet political players, including frequent Gorbachev opponent Boris Yeltsin, who recently wrote his autobiography, Against the Grain (Summit, 1990). Even the much-analyzed Gorbachev comes more fully into view here, set against the backdrop of an empire undergoing a wrenching transition. An important book for anyone who wants to know what the Soviet leadership faces in the 1990s. -Kim H. Tunnicliff, Albion Coll., Mich .