The concept of Russia

Katlijn Malfliet (Editor), Francisca Scharpe (Editor)

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  • Type: Book: Conference materials
  • Subtitel: patterns for political development in the Russian Federation
  • Uitgever: Leuven University Press
  • Land: Belgium
  • Plaats: Leuven
  • ISBN: 9058673456
  • Taal: English
  • Pagina's: 113
  • Locatie: 6.5.6 - 6.6.7

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How can we best define Russia's long-term national interests in the field of political sovereignty, sustainable economic development and military security? How will Russia view its federal state structure, as it finds itself confronted with a centuries-old tension between national and regional identity? Does Russia have to make a choice between East and West? All these questions relate to the centuries-old debate on the 'Russian Idea'. The contributors to this book seek to study the quest for Russian identity, approaching this multi-layered and diffuse problem from a historical, political, cultural and economic perspective.