Russia and the idea of the West

Robert D. English (Author)

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  • Type: Book: Non-fiction
  • Subtitel: Gorbachev, intellectuals, and the end of the Cold War
  • Uitgever: Colombia University Press
  • Land: USA
  • Plaats: New York
  • ISBN: 0231110588
  • Taal: English
  • Pagina's: 401
  • Locatie: 6.5.1 - 6.5.5

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In most analyses of the Cold War's end the ideological aspects of Gorbachev's "new thinking" are treated largely as incidental to the broader considerations of power. English demonstrates that Gorbachev's foreign policy was the result of an intellectual revolution. He analyzes the rise of a liberal policy-academic elite and its impact on the Cold War's end.